Edgley Concertinas

Hand-crafted Anglo Concertinas by Frank Edgley

ASHER PERKINS – Four-Time Mid-West FleadhConcertina Champion Playing his "Edgley Performers' Model"

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For the past fourteen years, our mission has been to make the very best concertinas we could produce. We have continued to modify our design to improve tone and response to the point where we believe our instruments meet our "mission statement." To date we have made over 400 concertinas. In 2012, we began a new line of concertinas, the "Heritage" concertina, to add to our "Professional, Performers' and Session Box Models." The latter (Hybrid) instruments use Italian-style reeds, while the Heritage concertinas uses 19th century English-style concertina reeds. The "Edgley Concertina" is hand-crafted, one at a time, from the best materials and components.

All reeds used in the construction of Edgley Concertinas are the very best hand-made reeds available, made to our specifications. All bellows are made in our workshop, have seven deep folds for maximum extension, and are covered with the best quality nappa goat hide, the most durable leather available. The reeds are tuned to "studio" tolerances. I have nineteen years experience in tuning concertinas, and have tuned the concertinas of all three "All-Ireland" concertina champions residing in North America.

The body, bellows and bellows frames, reed-pans, buttons and mechanisms are all hand-made. The body of the instruments can be made of a variety of woods, selected by the customer. Metal grills are hand-polished stainless steel. These are cut by laser by one of Canada's leading instrument makers. They are then pressed to achieve an articulated edge and three dimensional effect.

Handstraps are constructed of tooled leather with the traditional knurled brass thumbscrew adjustment system. The buttons are slightly domed to make the most comfortable buttons possible. The mechanisms of Edgley concertinas are noted for their quickness and quiet action, as are their very sensitive Hand-Made reeds. Because of their design and quality of construction, they should remain this way for a lifetime. These are concertinas that you will definitely not outgrow, and should last several generations.

The "Edgley Concertina" is guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials.

Download an audio sample of the "Edgley Concertina" being played. View photos of some of our designs offered and wood types.