Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your concertinas.
My concertinas are a source of pride for me. I use nothing but the best of all materials and supplies. The reeds, for example, are the best hand-made reeds. The grills of my metal-ended models are solid solid stainless, cut out by laser to ensure consistency, and hand polished. All reed chambers on the hybrid models are fully gasketed to ensure an absolute air seal. The Heritage models are made to the highest standards in the traditional manner for concertina reeded instruments. The pads are the traditional style using soft leather and felt. The mechanism arms are made of solid stainless steel for durability. The body of the instrument is hand-finished to bring out the natural wood grain. No sprayed-on opaque finishes are used. In short, I make each instrument as if I were making it for myself.
Why have the ends cut using a computer?
The grills are cut by computer-guided laser for consistency and accuracy.
How long have you been involved with concertinas?
I have played and repaired concertinas for over 35 years. I am in my second decade of building concertinas and have produced well over 400 instruments.
How did you get started making concertinas?
I have thought about doing it for quite some time, but the time wasn't right. I had met Harold Herrington years before at the North East Squeeze-in and again at the Willie Clancy week in Milltown Malbay, in Ireland. He was, at the time, in the process of designing and building an anglo concertina. We spent hours talking about his design, and showing it to various concertina notables, in Ireland. Years later, Harold invited me down to Dallas, Texas to show me his developments. During that week, I worked with Harold to become familiar with his design and construction techniques. Hardly a week passes when we were not on the phone, or computer exchanging ideas. Whenever one of us developed a good idea, concept, or construction technique we would share it with each other.
Since then, I went on to develop the traditional reeded Heritage model which is now my favourite instrument.
What qualifies you to make concertinas?
I have made and sold over 400 high-quality instruments made both with accordian reeds and traditional concertina reeds. With over 40 years of playing and building you will not find a more experienced concertina maker anywhere. My instruments have been sold all over the world, and I have performed on several recordings with my own instruments.
Are your instruments fast?
Edgley concertinas are noted for their quick action and reed response. You will find no other instrument that plays faster.
What about tone?
My hybrid models have a very sweet tone and my Heritage concertinas have a true concertina sound. I can modify the hybrid models to be bright or mellow, at the purchaser's request. Even though my concertinas start out with a great sound, like all concertinas, the tone continues to mellow and become richer as time passes and the instrument is played in. I have had the opportunity to track some of my early instruments and was gratified to hear how well they compared in tone to many expensive vintage instruments.
How long would I have to wait for one of your concertinas?
This varies, depending on the number of customers on the list. As you know, the "Edgley Concertina" is not factory-made or a production line instrument. Each instrument is hand-crafted, and completed, one at a time. This produces the best results and the best quality instrument. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-finished basis. However, most orders have been filled within 4-6 months.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, I ask for a $250 deposit for hybrid models and 10% deposit for the Heritage model. This puts your order on the list. The balance is due when the instrument is finished. The deposit may be in the form of a personal cheque or paypal. Final payment should be in the form of a money order, bank draft or bank wire transfer.
Does your concertina come with a case?
Customers have a choice in cases that are available. We make a custom-fitted padded, lined and blocked case. We also sell a waterproof storm case made in the U.S.A.
If I have any questions, can I talk it over with you?
Certainly! I would be happy to answer any questions about my concertinas, with no obligation. Phone me at (519)948-9149 or (519)991-3100 (cell). Or e-mail me at