In addition to concertinas, we also offer the music items listed below. See the blog posting for prices.
Flee as a Bird CD "Flee as a Bird" - Frank Edgley and Friends
CD of Music from Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland and Lancashire
Played on instruments of his own making.
Bridges Celtic CD by Frank C. Edgley and Frank J. Edgley "Bridges" - Frank C. and Frank J. Edgley with Brian & Leon Taheny
Celtic Music CD
A CD of celtic instrumental music, featuring Frank C. Edgley on the concertina, pipes, and whistles, Frank J. Edgley on the fiddle, Brian Taheny on the guitar and citern, and Leon Taheny on the bodhran.
Concertina Tutor by Frank Edgley "The Anglo Concertina, Handbook of Tunes and Methods for Irish Traditional Music" by Frank Edgley
Concertina Tutor Workbook & CD
The purpose of this tutor is to provide the beginning or aspiring anglo concertina player with resources which can be used with or without an instructor to become a competent player. This book will assist in this endeavour, and make sense of the keyboard patterns, concertina techniques, and embellishments. The accompanying CD further clarifies the lessons covered in the workbook. This tutor includes written music and lessons for 35 Irish tunes.
Session Tune Book by Frank Edgley "Irish Traditional Melodies" by Frank Edgley
Irish Session Tune Book & CD Set
This collection of "concertina friendly" session tunes include the 35 tunes from the concertina tutor, plus an additional 60 Irish tunes. This compilation of tunes is the result of years of teaching and playing Irish music on the concertina. The collection includes both popular session tunes and rarer pieces to enrich and expand the session musician's repertoire. This package also includes two audio CDs with recordings of all the tunes.
"Anglo International CD set"
Anglo Conertina playing from around the World
A 3 CD set featuring 70 tracks of Anglo concertina music from 27 different players such as Noel Hill, Frank Edgley, Niall Vallely, Mary MacNamara, Chris Sherburn, and many others! 5 of the tracks also feature musicians playing the Edgley concertina. Price includes shipping anywhere in North America.
How to Play the Anglo Concertina DVD "Frank Edgley’s How to Play the Anglo Concertina"
An instructional DVD with multiple views of the instrument being played.
For the absolute beginner this DVD covers such topics as holding the instrument, scales, simple tunes, beginning chords, etc.
The menu allows access to individual lessons and is accessible from either a television or a computer.