Edgley Concertinas — Heritage Model

These are our top-of-the-line concertinas. These concertinas are made in the traditional way, with separate hardwood reedpans. The reeds are top quality traditional concertina reeds with steel tongues and brass reed shoes and are very similar to the reeds used by Wheatstone in the late 1800s and early 1900s ---the Golden Age of Concertinas. These reeds are dovetailed into the reedpans in the traditional method. Each reedpan is laid out and cut by hand, with the reed chambers laid out in a radial pattern, a method known to produce a strong but mellow tone. It is now my personal instrument of choice and is used for all my playing.

All other aspects of my Heritage instruments are top quality…..hand made bellows covered with the best quality Nappa goat leather, seven fold bellows, 19th century design inspired grill pattern, brass thumbscrew handstrap fasteners, your choice of exotic wood etc.

Heritage Model with Ebony and Bloodwood

Heritage Model with Bocote

With Fitted Box
If you have questions or wish to receive a price list/order form please contact Frank Edgley at fedgley@cogeco.ca or call 519-991-3100.